Welcome to our updated Whitfield County Electronic Land Records site!

      The electronic records available on this site are generated from the same database as those reflected on the official electronic records kept in the Clerk’s Office. We greatly value your input to improve this website and make it as user-friendly as possible. The accessibility of electronic records has caused significant changes in both the official and unofficial use of our land records. We have come a long way in a relatively short time, both in the technology used to record documents and in new search tools now available that enhance your ability to find the information you seek.

Please note, some of the indexing data located on this webpage does not contain images for various reasons. If you think there should be an image on the website associated with the indexing data listed please send an email to ngasupport@kofile.us and let us know. Thanks!

This website is currently undergoing maintance and is in the process of loading old history data and images to reflect what is located at the courthouse.   Please be aware that all data and images might not show up in searches unless stated below...

Current Status Of Loading History Data
Deed: All images and data have been loaded
Lien: All data has been loaded, images pending
Plat: All data has been loaded, images pending